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SolTerrah LLC was formed as a mechanism to place many vital technologies and science into the world market.

For nearly 50 years, Dr. Prueitt chronicled his ideas for a better world through clean power, efficient use of engines and pumps and solar power. Many of these ideas spread across the platform of water purification, desalination and production.

It was the collective decision on the part of several people to formally organize, manage, fund and develop these technologies. Our timing could not be better. We constantly hear or read of catastrophes, wars and shrinking natural resources, when in fact we have all the energy and water we need to thrive all around us.

SolTerrah LLC is designed to make these vital components available without increasing the already mounting carbon emissions loads. We took a twist on two words: Sol, meaning sun and Terrae, meaning earth and created a dual essence.

We are a Denver-based company with global solutions for a planet in need.

“Following the light of the sun, we left the Old World.”
Christopher Columbus

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