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In the well-intended rush to desalinate sea water, scientists and production companies have relied on fossil fuel to power the process. This typically produces such large quantities of carbon emissions that the desired result of clean water is offset by the polluted air.

Dr. Prueitt has conceived a revolutionary system for desalinating large amounts of sea water from a technology we call “AirDesal”. The truly remarkable aspect to AirDesal is that only 2.8 calories per gram of energy are required to produce fresh water as compared to the standard multi-stage flash plants that require 40 calories per gram. Even reverse osmosis systems require 10 calories per gram. AirDesal truly has the potential to be a game changer on the world stage of large desalination projects, whether with sea or brackish water because we simply use warm air and seawater (or brackish) to produce fresh water.

AirDesal does require electrical power do drive the fans, but if it uses electricity generated by AirWatt (Air-Water Power Generator), no fossil fuels would be required, and the world would declare it totally green.

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