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Air-Water Power Generation

Power by Evaporation

The power that lies within evaporation is legendary to scientists all over the world. Dr. Prueitt has taken this science to a whole new level and produced a technology that has the potential to create an entirely new paradigm in power generation. We call this engine “AirWatt,” because it uses air and water to produce power (watts).

Since the latent heat of water evaporation is large, a small amount of water can produce a lot of clean energy. The average amount of water flowing through the turbines at Hoover Dam is about 500 cubic meters per second as it produces 550 MW of power. As a comparison, if that much water were pumped to an Air-Water Power plant out in the desert, it could produce 109,200 MW (109.2 GW) of power (about 200 times as much as Hoover Dam). Of course, we can use much smaller quantities of water to produce significant power.

An important advantage of AirWatt is that it requires a much smaller footprint than a solar trough plant. A10-MW AirWatt plant requires about half an acre of land. Contrast that with solar troughs where a 10-MW solar trough power plant requires about 35 acres (a factor of 70). Photo voltaic arrays, wind farms and other alternative energy sources are even greater consumers of land. Furthermore, AirWatt can run 24 hours per day as long as the humidity is low. Normally, since humidity rises at night, the power output would be lower at night, but most electric grids need more power in the daytime, especially in regions where air-conditioning is required.

AirWatt uses only air and water and emits only air and water (and electricity).

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