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Advanced RO and Desalination

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a fascinating advancement of science to desalinate water at a time when water supplies are growing short. It is growing at a faster rate than other desalination methods because it uses less energy to produce a gallon of water. It uses high pressure to force water through an RO membrane while the salt remains behind. However, there are some vexing deficiencies in the process that Dr. Prueitt has identified.

  • RO membranes have to be flushed often.
  • RO membranes have to be replaced periodically.
  • RO membranes allow water to flow through, but some salt and toxic minerals also pass through, so that the result is not pure water.
  • Also, some bacteria and viruses can pass through so that the water needs some post-treatment.
  • Even in multi-stage flash distillation plants, some salt-water droplets that are expelled during the “flash” are not filtered out before contaminating the “fresh” water distillate.

Dr. Prueitt proposes a new method of RO desalination called “Advanced RO” or “ARO” for short. How Does ARO Compare with Reverse Osmosis, especially in light of the deficiencies noted above?

  • With ARO no minerals pass through.
  • With ARO, no pathogens can pass through.
  • ARO desalination theoretically requires much less energy than regular RO.

This is a new concept in desalination. Since desalination is already a large industry and will become increasingly important in the future of most of the world, every innovative avenue should be explored.

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