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Compressed-Air Rigid Building Block

SolTerrah is developing an intriguing process of utilizing compressed air to lighten the load of standard load-bearing materials such as masonry bricks, concrete, or steel beams. This initially evolved from the need to build extremely tall towers for Dr. Prueitt’s Convection Tower but as the idea germinated, it became obvious there are many practical uses for what we call Compressed Air Rigid Building Block (CARBB).

Considering the constant need for temporary housing, medical facilities and food storage units in areas of the world where natural disasters strike or wars break out, CARBB would be a fast, dependable and long lasting solution to the critical needs faced by victims of these events. CARBB can also be used for hangars, barracks, and other shelters.

Learn about the Compressed-Air Rigid Building Block (CARBB).

“Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of the imagination.”
John Dewey


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