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Clean Energy: Convection Tower (1)

Convection Towers

Among the more novel and trendsetting green power technologies ever conceived is Dr. Prueitt’s convection tower (“CT”) design. Written up in the LA Times and several science magazines, this technology produces enormous quantities of sustainable power. A downdraft convection tower sprays a fine mist of water over the open top of the tower. This cools the air and makes it heavy so that it falls down through the tower and turns air turbines at the bottom.

Figure 1 shows an artist’s conception of a downdraft convection tower, which is built of compressed air rigid building blocks or CARBB. When constructing the CT, the foundation,air turbines and generators are first installed, and then the structure is built vertically. Building a steel and concrete tower of the same size would require years and cost enormous capital. With CARBB building blocks, it would require an estimated two months to build a tower that is 1,000 meters tall and 250 meters in diameter.

Clean Energy: Convection Tower

This is a computer graphic picture of a Convection Tower built with Compressed-Air Rigid Building Blocks. It shows a diffuser extending out from the base.

The efficiencies and output are remarkable. The Convection Tower won the attention of science magazines and foreign governments from Malaysia to Israel. With the ever increasing pollution crisis and spiraling energy costs, the time has arrived to put this technology to work.

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