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Osmotic Power

In the past several years, a mounting concern over global warming, green house gases and carbon emissions has driven inventors to find alternative means to produce power. The measuring stick has always been “does the alternative form deliver power at similar efficiencies and costs as fossil fuels or coal?” Now, there are new questions being formed such as, “is this discussion entirely price driven or should mankind aggressively adopt clean energy even if a surcharge is involved?”

Dr. Prueitt postulates that we have all the resources we need in our sun, water, wind and oceans to provide sustainable osmostic power at cost-effective rates. In a startling new patent he created, an invention is proposed that has never been undertaken by mankind that answers all these questions. There is more than enough power potential locked up in our natural surroundings. What is needed is the will power and development capital to unlock it. The end result is enormous energy production at cheap rates, reduction in green house gases and remarkable financial returns.

Dr. Prueitt has a patent on an invention that uses osmosis between water and salt water to produce two sorely needed things: electric power and fresh water. It is a concept that has never been developed. With an input of 0.05 cubic meters of water per second, the unit can produce a megawatt of osmotic power. Since there is abundant seawater available, an enormous amount of power can be produced.


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