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Enabling you to identify, analyze, and create efficient, flexible, and cost-effective renewable energy development decisions.

From identifying the optimum site, to determining which renewable energy solution works best, our team of experts gives you on-the-ground knowledge and expertise to understand how to create the most efficient and cost-effective solutions.

It’s not enough to know where the sun shines…you must know the angle of the sun, the air quality that affects the purity of the rays, and the hydrology, topography and solar capacity of your site, as well as a range of variables that affect where to site your project, and which renewable energy solutions are best for your location. Our analysts look at your project with site analysis that provides you the maximum Megawatts per acre, and best cost ratio of power production to land area and total cost of project, including maintenance.

In a quickly changing environment, SolTerrah Information Group keeps you abreast of what’s happening. We know that new technologies, changing infrastructure, federal and local government policies, and environmental factors play critical roles in your decision. We build these factors into your model to enable you to make the most informed decision.

Our team of engineers, software developers, scientists, environmentalists, and business professionals creates models that take into account hundreds of variables, each of which may play a critical part in your decision. We take a meticulous approach, combining Geographic Information Systems analysis and thorough market and environmental scanning to give you the most comprehensive site and economic analysis for your project.

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“Remain true to the Earth.”
Friedrich Nietzsche


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