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All around the planet there are enormous bodies of brackish water unfit for human use. From deep aquifers, to wells and surface water, enough water exists all throughout the planet to eliminate the suffering caused from lack of clean water. By turning our attention to the sun, we can harness its endless potential to create a sustainable source of power to clean this water. Globally, there are a number of patents disclosing desalination devices that consist of vertical plates. However, these patents are fraught with troublesome drawbacks that, if solved, would substantially increase the world’s fresh water supply. SolTerrah looks to the sun for one of the solutions.

The SunDesal Advantage

While SunDesal will operate from gas powered motors or other conventional electrical energy sources, SolTerrah’s technology will work with a solar powered source such as Suntrof® thus creating a totally green system water desalination. SunDesal is among the world’s most innovative ideas for producing large quantities of fresh water.

For small systems, the solar collector could be a solar trough or even a flat solar collector. For large desalination plants, Suntrof® can be used. The result: fresh water using the sun’s power. This is a powerful concept with enormous implications.

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“Following the light of the sun, we left the Old World.”
Christopher Columbus


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