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Clean Energy

Dr. Prueitt invented a new standard in producing cheap solar power. It is sustainable, emits no carbon emissions and is capturing the attention of investors and customers the world over. In order to economically produce high-temperature solar thermal energy, Dr. Prueitt developed “Suntrof,” which consists of inexpensive but durable reflective materials. Structurally, Suntrof does not require the heavy mechanical framework to support parabolic troughs that standard systems require. The design that ultimately separates Suntrof from all competitors is its system of cables and pulleys mounted on the top of the array. This allows for multiple troughs to track the sun without the exorbitant torque and pressure placed on competitor’s systems. A demonstration plant is now under construction in Dubai, scheduled for a late summer 2009 opening date.

SolTerrah has companion technologies that are compatibly aligned with Suntrof. For instance, large scale water desalination plants are an elegant end user for Suntrof. SolTerrah is poised to present both technologies in tandem in strategic conversations around the world.

Suntrof can also be used for oil recovery from “stripper wells.” It also provides a boost of heat to food processing plants, gas fields and other disparate applications that are in need of high temperatures at a reasonable cost to acquire.

Among the most impressive elements to Suntrof is the fact that it is now the “gold standard” for achieving cost-effective solar power that has plagued the industry for years.

Advantages of Suntrof:

There are multiple advantages to Suntrof over every concentrated solar power collector on the market.

  • Overhead leverage provides tremendous strength and rigidity as well as economical sun tracking. The cable tracking system allows us to move an entire sub-array with a 2 horsepower motor. This eliminates the need for a heavy superstructure and massive hydraulics needed to track the sun and provide strength.
  • Suntrof uses 93% reflective aluminum composite with a mirrored finish that replaces the use of heavy mirrors. The composite is 25% the weight of mirrors, stronger, and more economical.
  • In addition, Suntrof formed a joint venture with the manufacturer of the proprietary “skin” and these savings are passed along as well. There are other significant advances to Suntrof that you can learn by Contacting Us.

What Suntrof does not require:

  • Massive superstructure to hold the heavy breakable mirrors.
  • The heavy mirrors
  • Swivel joints
  • Large hydraulic system to track the sun.
  • Expensive and time consuming concrete foundations
  • Crew of highly skilled and costly labor

Bottom line – Same Power for 40 – 50% Less Cost

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